Proverbs Devotion – November 29 2013

Proverbs Devotion

“An angry person stirs conflict, and a hot-tempered person commits many sins.” (NIV) Proverbs 29:22

“Get it together.” This phrase gets tossed around a lot in my house. The one that has it all together, that manages to keep the plates spinning, tends to be the one that makes the best decisions.

But there is more to this phrase than just control over things. Getting the emotions together, slowing down the infusion of adrenalin so that you can breathe normally, makes it possible for the person to make the best decisions about all matters.

Keep your emotions in check. When the adrenalin gets pumping, back away for a moment. Do not hit send on the mail. Do not post on social media. Think it over and try to see it from the other side of the lens.

Keep your reactions to the very minimum – instead of reacting to the actions of others, make deliberate choices and act. Deliberate actions require a moment to formulate and plan. Deliberate actions are not made in haste. Deliberate actions are not a reaction but a controlled response.

Get it together, and see the difference it makes to move in that direction.

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