Releasing the Fear by Finding Faith

I sought the Lord, and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears. Psalm 34:4

Horror movies made up a regular portion of our weekends as teenagers. I would guess that most of the ones offered by our local stores spent some time in my living room.

We stayed away from the slasher movies. Blood and guts seemed a waste of time. It was the psychological thrillers that we preferred.

There are two films that haunted me into adulthood. The first one that stalked me was one I saw when I was twelve. I sat by myself in the basement watching the movie – sometimes through my fingers over my eyes. I made it as far as I could and then I turned off the television and walked away for a moment.

I had to catch my breath. My heart and my brain needed a break. I had to give my and after a moment I want back to the television to see the ending . . . and all that was on the screen was the credits. I had missed the end. It was the possibilities of that ending that haunted me into adulthood.

It has only been in the last few years – with the help of the internet – that I have finally been in a position to see the end (or at least find out the end). I got several people to help me research the plot because I had no idea what the name of the movie had been.

The movie was Phase IV – a full-blown, B sci-fi about ants taking over the world. The fear that had decades to grow and fester still tries to flutter up now and again. I am almost certain that one movie had a great deal to do with my opinion of ants.

The second movie that haunted me into adulthood is one that I have never talked about with others. I saw it once – thanks HBO – and once was all that it took. The fear that movie drummed up kept me up many nights. I would calm myself to sleep by dreaming up escape planes in case the movie ever became a reality in my life.

The point I am making is that my fears made no sense. Aliens are not coming down and controlling the mind of ants. The creatures from that other movie are not going to be lurking about in my neck of the woods.

All fears are just as imagined even if they seem more real. Placed against the backdrop of peace – the Peace of God that passes all understanding – they are just vapors that pass away.

Do you believe that residing in Love will relieve you from all your fears?

Free From Fear

    First, seek the Lord with all your heart, soul, and mind. He had to be the priority.
    Second, call out to God about your fears, worries, and concerns.
    Third, look out for that peace that residing in Him will ALWAYS provide.

The power of fear is not in the reality of the possibility but in the strength of the belief that fueled that fear. A turn to God, a walk in God, and a focus on God will bring me to a place where He will have delivered me from all my fears.


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