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Define the Whine Time Then Get Back To Hope

You need to define time to whine when things get so overwhelming you have to take a timeout. The water can only get so hot before the teapot sounds off. Temper the effects of the rant or fit by limiting the time. Let it out and then let it go so you can move on.

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My goal had been to not argue with my husband. For the record, it’s easier to do something than to not do something, but that’s hindsight wisdom.

The challenge I had read encouraged me to say, “Yes.” Or some form of it. “Okay,” had become my default. It wasn’t that I agreed with what was being said, but it kept me from a negative.

I’d been practicing this positive focus answering system for a couple of months when I got the phone call from my husband that changed everything for us. “I quit. I’ll be home later.”

“Okay,” was my one-word reply.

I felt anything but okay. My husband’s job covered our insurance, and he provided half of our income. We needed both to make it work.

Fear, frustration, and a touch of anger stirred in me. It needed to be released, or it would explode on my husband when he finally got home.

Define the whine time

I took a walk – a LONG walk. I explained to God what was wrong with the situation. I figured He was busy with world order and hadn’t heard the conversation with my husband.

Just kidding. I knew He knew. But when you’re venting, you aren’t worried about what others know or don’t know. You’re just trying to get it out.

My walk rant included tears, panicked laughter, and yelling . . . lots of yelling. By the time I got back to the house, I had let it all out. I had also turned it all over to God.

Nothing had changed about the situation, but my focus in the situation and my perspective of the situation had changed. That made all the difference.

When things overwhelm, give yourself time to whine. Let it out. Talk it out. Work it out. But set a limit. Give your whine a limited time and then pick yourself up and get going again.

Define the Whine Time

  • Set a timer. Use a timer to give you a specific window of whine. Throw your fit. Get your yelling out. Rant and rave until the timer goes off, then quit.
  • Get away from others. When the whine begins to bubble over, get away from others. You don’t want to get the mess on the people around you. The point of the whine is to get it out, not to spread it.
  • Find what works for you. Some people need to take it out. Other people need to run it out. I saw a tv show where the characters danced/jumped it out. However, you can get the whine out, get it out.
  • Make a shift. After your timer goes off or your walk has ended, shift from the whine to the fine. Immerse yourself in the music that soothes your heart or fuels your hope. Laugh. Laughter has healing powers. Shift your focus to possibilities. When you choose to see them, you will.

Things happen. Emotions boil over. Have a way, a place, and a time to release all of it before it explodes.

It doesn’t take something big to cause the need to whine. A change in weather, a disruption in the schedule, or a wrong look from the teller can all get you going.

The last few days, a shift in my family’s schedule has shifted my schedule, whether I wanted to be a part of it or not. The first few days were fine. I adjusted. I got things done.

Today was not the same. Today it got all over me. I finally let it out, and that allowed for the peace (and focus) to return.

Let it out. But remember to define the whine time.

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