31 Day Challenge – Day 14 Hard not to Judge

Just doing does not seem to be enough. There has to be more, right? This society has taught us that you have to measure your doing or you get nothing done. I’m trying not to get caught up in the measuring.

In 1 Corinthians 4:3 Paul mentions that he does not even judge himself. He is telling us that God is the ultimate judge and that we really can’t understand His ways so why bother judging something that we don’t understand. My challenge has to be the same thing. If I start to focus on the results I will miss the most important lesson – being consistent – along the way. It will be easier to say to myself, “Look what YOU did” instead of realizing that when I step out in faith and action God always provides!

This morning I took a walk. I wasn’t focused on how fast I was going or how many calories I was burning. I wasn’t thinking about getting into smaller pants. I was just walking and listening and watching. I enjoyed the sun coming up over the mountain and the gentle light filtering through the trees. I listened to the birds and insects and the small voice in my head. I relaxed in the sent of the late blooming honeysuckle growing wild behind the shed.

Sometimes that is what we have to do in our personal walk. We just need to walk and listen and watch. This 31 Day Challenge is my time to just walk. It is the walking that matters for this moment. The destination will reveal itself in time.

What are you missing because you are more focused on the destination than you are on the walk?

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