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Five Tips for Finding YOUR Success

The last few weeks were spent trying to understand the last year and the journey that lies ahead. Sometimes things seem so right and yet circumstances are just so wrong. Taking inventory often helps me discern which to believe.

In the end, I was back where I started – LITERALLY. I stumbled over a blog I wrote several months back about creating a plan and the words on the page were exactly the words that I was forming at that moment. That tells me that the problem does not like in the direction that I am headed but in the effort I am putting forth to get there.

Do you struggle to be consistent in your journey? Every day I wake up determined to do the things that I know to do and some days I even succeed. My problem is that I stumble more than I stride.

This year will be different. Starting now I am following through. Right this moment I refuse to worry about what others are doing or should be doing and focusing in on doing what I know to do.

Steps to Cross the Finish Line

    1. Choose to be accountable. I have invited others to join me in my home once a week and we are all sharing our goals for the coming year. It is not easy speaking some of them aloud, but it is already making a difference.

    2. Devote five minutes to God. Part of our accountability group is a daily devotional. It takes about five or ten minutes but it focuses my heart on God just before I go to sleep.

    3. Choose the better. There are a number of different television shows that I enjoy watching. They have witty humor or great story lines. But there is usually something in many of them that keeps me from watching when my children are around. That should be my first sign that watching or doing something else would be a better choice.

    4. Put others first. Prayer for others first thing in the morning takes the focus off of me and puts my heart in a giving place. Anytime I can choose to look outside of self is a good thing.

    5. Take advantage of opportunities that arise. They may not be exactly what you expected or wanted but they have shown up for a reason. Use them to your benefit and continue moving forward to your purpose.

I am the only thing standing in the way of my success. My own lack of consistency hinders my prosperity. Circumstances are not right because I am not right. Getting to the place I need to be comes by doing the things I already know to do. It is my action and my consistency that will lead me to the success that I envision for my life.

What will you overcome today?

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