The Proverbs 31 Heart Brings Focus


Every issue and test that I face ultimately comes back to a heart issue. All it takes it to get my heart right and my life will follow.

Stories of heart issues fill the bible. You can not find one where the angel appears and tells the person to lose weight, to break addictions, to quit being mean to their spouse. The message focuses on the heart – turn back to God.

The last few years I have been struggling with weight (you can fill in you own struggle in place of that). The first step of confession came just a few days back and already the road is easier. My trouble has not been my weight but my heart. I have been so focused on me that I have not been able to see Christ. That one single action of turning my focus back to him has released the troubles I was facing.

God did not promise that life will be without troubles or tests or trials. He does promise that He is with us and that when we stay focused on Him then HE bares the burdens. A life free of burdens is one that can be walked in joy and peace and blessing.

The key to any situation is to turn to God. Focus on Him and the problem can not dominate your life. Keep the focus or your flesh will try to draw you back to its ways. Each day and through out the day focus requires spending time talking, listening, studying and learning about the person that you are focusing on.

Study the word. Make time through out the day – morning, noon and night – to be in the word or in a study or just talking with God. Aligning your focus over and over again will bring miraculous results!

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  • I wrote a comment back to you regarding my HOTM article on “Transforming your Homeschool Environment.” I didn’t know if you’d make it back that way, so I thought I’d also post it here. God bless you.

    Hi, Kathryn, and thank you for sharing. I will admit to agreeing with you in part. I attended a conference a few years back in which a speaker totally denounced the use of the Internet or the computer. I thought, as you said, that she had gone a bit far given that these tools will help us and help our kids in many ways. However, I think it is possible to use a computer without it becoming the only source of learning. Our oldest will take a virtual class in the fall, but this is one of many. She will also begin to type her research paper. Yet, books force a different type of thinking and engage a different part of the brain. One has to imagine, to explore, to interact to what is being said or read in a very different way than viewing a computer screen, clicking here and there and the visual element being taken care of for you.

    I think that blogs for kids (w/ some limitations, of course), typing of papers, and even spreadsheet and presentation introductions are appropriate for kids. Yet, there is still no experience that will supercede quality time over books. Regardless of the invention of the time, historically our greatest thinkers were also voracious book readers.

    Thanks for such a thought-provoking comment.

    • Hey Belinda – thanks for stopping by. I was going to move your comment to my homeschooling site but it is so sad that I didn’t have the heart – guess I need to do a little care taking over there. I know that if I keep the right focus my writing, websites, homeschooling and life in general will fall into place as well.