How to Keep It Simple for Better Life Choices

If you want to make better life choices then you need to keep it simple. We have gotten good at making it complicated, but clearing out and peeling back the layers can help remind us all at the core it is simple.

Life can be simple. All too often it is our stuff – sometimes things, sometimes emotions and sometimes people – that clog up the system and create difficulties. It all comes back to the choices that are made along the way.

Making the right choices can be difficult. The world pushes in one direction and the heart draws from another. The tug of war leaves a body and mind exhausted and ready to throw in the towel.

The directions are there – in black and white – just waiting to be followed. The world is there – in the here and now – demanding to be seen and head.

Walking down the right path may not be easy, but it is simple.

Simple Spells Out Better Life Choices

Keep It Simple Saints


  • S – Study – Digging into the Word begins the journey to that life that you have heard about but not yet experienced. The more you read and study the map the easier it will be to follow the path. The more time that you invest in the Word the closer you will become to the Writer. He knows the Way and will guide you step by step if you will learn and listen.
  • I – Imagine – Get beyond the image that the world has thrust upon you and begin to see the you that God created. The world limits what you can be, but God’s image has no limitations.

  • M – Magnify – People are watching. They see what you do. They listen to what you say. Become the reflection of the One that created you and you will find that you walk each step as a magnification of His design.

  • P – Passion – Learn to unlock the seed of who you are designed to be from the beginning of time. You WERE woven for a purpose – with a specific course and plan in mind. The Weaver planted a desire in your heart. Discover the passion and let it lead to the purpose behind your why.

  • L – Lean – It will not make sense. By design, the things of God will confound the minds of the world. Grow to accept that condition and develop a habit that pushes you to stop leaning to your own understanding and begin to lean on God.

  • E – Embrace – It is easy to avoid the path when you are ignoring the directions. Discovering that life of peace and joy has its anchor in the ability to let go of personal ambition and expectations and finding the boldness to embrace the One that has your best interests at heart.

It is simple . . . it really is. We make it difficult. We pile on rules on top of rules trying to create a path that has already been created. STOP RIGHT NOW!

Let today be the first day that you see the path that has been cleared out and smoothed down just for you. Follow the way to that life that was designed with you in mind. Learn how to see past the rules and regulations and grasp the simplicity of it all with both hands.

Dare to live a life that is S.I.M.P.L.E. so you are setting your foundation for better life choices.

Be blessed,

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