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Quote of the Day – Anchor in the Chaos

Quote of the day for Monday, July 24, 2017

“Your anchor and my anchor may be different, but we all cling to something for a sense of normal in the midst of chaos. Remember that before you get upset about the man mowing his yard, the one going fishing, or any other little things that may help that person find balance.” – Kathryn Lang

quote of the day - anchor in the chaos

I had my day all planned out – from getting the older boys to their service project that morning to hosting a “murder mystery” birthday party that afternoon at the house. It was going to be busy, but it was going to get done.

I walked into my parents’ house to find that my mom had just died. Everything changed. As I stood out in the driveway trying to arrange a day that had been perfectly arranged before the chaos ensued, I saw a man mowing his lawn – either oblivious to my situation or unconcerned.

It annoyed me, for a moment.

And then I remembered that what brings me peace in the storm may not be the same for him. It’s not my place to demand his peace, but to be focused on my own peace enough that it makes room for his.


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