Standing Out Grows Up Uniquness

The problem isn’t that you play a snare drum. The problem is that you play your snare drum in a room full of snare drums and then wonder why no one can pick you out of the crowd. Stop being a drum in a room full of drums.” @IamDavidVaughan

I had to read the post a few times and then it hit me – I can stand out in a crowd of people that are just like me. I become part of the crowd and I lose a part of the uniqueness that makes me “not normal.”

It seems like basic advice, and would be except for one small element. Many of the people playing the snare drum are trying to earn a living playing that snare drum. They hand out with other people playing the snare drum hoping one of those others has the magic beans that will make earning that living possible – only all the others playing the snare drum are looking for the same magic beans.

They all wander around together making a bunch of noise.

My Tips for Standing Out

    If you are trying to sell books then stop spending all day talking to authors – unless your book happens to be a book for authors. Talk to people that would be in the market to buy our book.

    If you are trying to coach others to their success – stop spending all day hanging around other coaches and start finding out where those that are struggling are hanging out. Go to the people.
    Standing out by being unique
    If you are trying to reach the multitudes then stop hiding in the back room of your home with your cats and your dogs. Reaching others will require that you move out into the places where others reside.

    If you are trying to build a business, create an empire, or dominate the world then turn off Netflix and get up off the couch. Building requires efforts which translate into actions. It will take actions to make it – whatever that it may be.

I have been lost in the noise for too long. I have been hiding in the back room hoping beyond hope that my success would manage to find me. I have been lurking in the crowd expecting to trip over a few of those magic beans.

All I got was tired – so tired that I wanted to quit.

It took a reminder about snare drums to kick start my journey once again. I am unique and I intend to let my uniqueness shine.

Be blessed,

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