Growing Up a Radical Life – RECOGNIZE

The sooner I RECOGNIZE my journey is unique the sooner I can get moving to my desired success. I am not normal – at least I am not normal as THEY have defined it. I embrace that understanding and work hard to define my own uniqueness and to walk bold in it.

Many times people see me walking out my own unique path and they shake their heads. They want me to get in line and to follow the “right” way. They have gone so far as to call me radical.
4-2-15 dare to dream
I am daring to live out a radical life – not one that defies you but one that makes the way for me to fly.

RECOGNIZE for a Radical Life

My keys to unlocking the ability to recognize

    1. Get past the noise – everyone has something to say about everything
    2. Write down the heart – I need to peel back the layers piled up on me
    3. Stop being so realistic – dreams are supposed to be daring
    4. Keep the mouth closed – not everyone is ready to hear about the radical life
    5. Go back to a place of peace – create a moment or location where you can escape from the “reality” and regain a sense of calm.

    Peace - door kicking determination

A break, a chance to refocus, a deep breath – when I take a time out then I can find the right steps for moving in the direction that I desire instead of just running around the court without direction.

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