Growing Up a Radical Life – ORGANIZE

I must ORGANIZE my life in a way that works for me so that I will work towards my desires and dreams.

My path may seem odd or strange to others, it may even be labeled radical and that is okay because my way is my way. Radical is active and moving and going. Radical is not busy or doing for the sake of doing. It is action with purposeful intent. It is motion with focused reason. A life that radical will also be one that has taken steps towards ORGANIZED.

I have to define the steps for me that will allow me to create and ORGANIZE in ways that help me stay active but keep me from wasting my energies and resources on being busy.

I am daring to live out a radical life – not one that defies you but one that makes the way for me to fly.

ORGANIZE for a Radical Life

My five steps for finding the way to ORGANIZE:

    1. Know the limits.
    2. Learn to say “no”
    3. Write it down.
    4. Be focused but flexible
    5. Make it bite sized.

I am not an organized person by nature – I am a complete “fly by the seat of your pants” kind of gal from how I write to how I cook – but I learned that if I want to live out a bold radical life I have to find a way to ORGANIZE that will work for me.

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