Keep It Simple Saints - 3

Growing Change – 3 – Right Focus

I am growing change for my life because I am being intentional about what I do and where I go. Intentional actions happen when I get the clarity of focus that allows me to see the steps I need to take.

Growing Change by Finding the Right Focus

I begin to clear up my focus or to get my focus right by making a few minor adjustments to my day.

Growing Change Happens by Me

    1. I have to build a habit of reading Scripture and it needs to be such a natural part of my day that my day feels off unless I invest in that reading.

    2. I need to study with others – in person or online. The group dynamics will help to feed my focus and also will provide some accountability for the journey.

    3. I have to make time for daily conversation with God – and the conversation should include time of praise, time of petition, and time of being still and listening.

    4. I need to invest in a church community – not just in volunteering to be part of activities but in active engagement with others to build up relationships. Tit is the relationships that make the church.

    5. I need to write down my concerns, my encounters, and my answered prayers. Keeping a record of the petitions and the blessings that come along will make it possible to keep my focus during the toughest times and during the times when things are so quiet that it doesn’t seem I even need to focus.

It won’t happen to me – but if I get that focus right then I can begin to create it in me. I can grow up change and I can break through the barriers and I can fly.

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