Growing Change – 2 – Choose the Direction

I know that I’m going to have to do it – if I want to see it done. I have been distracted enough from my destination. I have been knocked off target by procrastination and the great THEY out there trying to dictate my path.

I am ready to take charge, take control, and make change happen. I have realigned my compass to get things back on track. I have taken that next step so that I am one step closer. With my newly re-defined direction I am ready to fly

Growing Change by Choosing the Direction

    1. My direction will be defined by me or my direction will be defined by others if I give them control.

    2. My direction will be focused or my direction will be random – and only one way gets me to a specific location.

    3. My direction needs to be written down or my direction will easily slip my mind. Written directions are tangible terms that I can see and review as necessary.

    4. My direction stays fueled by my passion when defined by me or my direction becomes a rut when defined by others.

    5. My direction must be specific but it is also necessary that my direction be a little flexible as well.

Growing change in my life will happen automatically when I have a defined direction for my steps. I will begin to choose the purposeful actions that move me in that direction. It is all up to me though – I have to do it if I want to see it done.

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