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Growing Change – Unmask

I will not change until I make a move to change. I may have to live in change for a bit to be sure that it works in my life and I may have to adjust the change that I step into. I start down that path when I choose to remove the masks.

Growing Change by Taking Off the Masks

I can walk out my extraordinary and impossible dreams when I invest in growing change for my life and in my life.

    Masks hide the reality from me – others still see what is.

    Masks make it difficult to breathe – they hold in the bad air and limit the intake of good air.

    Masks make it tough to see – where I am going and what is coming at me.

    Masks limit my movement – because I struggle to turn my head and see where I am going.

    Masks create a barrier between me and others – and it is all from my side and never theirs.

It will take change to get to where I want to go but if I want that change to happen then I have to be willing to take off the masks and be real to myself because the truth is myself is the only person that is buying the masks in the first place.

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