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68 – Keep Pushing to Find Your Heartseed with Growing HOPE

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Daily Inspiration and Encouragement

Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Quote of the Day

“ Dare to be bold enough to push even when it seems impossible. Persistence wins in the end, but it takes on day at a time.” – Kathryn Lang

Quote of the Day - be bold enough

Moment of HOPE

Dare to Push

The only way to get there is to keep going. You will never breakthrough if you give up and walk away. You will never cross the finish line if you stop moving. You will never reach your fullest potential if you stop investing in the intentional actions.

Keep going. Be so persistent that the troubles, the world, and the enemy give up trying to stop you because they realize nothing is going to stop you.

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Challenge for Intentional Actions

Believe Enough to Dare

It all starts with the first – first moment of believing, first move to embrace, first step to move. You will need to believe in your possibilities so much that you Dare to be bold enough to push even when it seems impossible because the world will do all it can to make it seem impossible.

Today’s challenge is all about believing enough to dare.

Believe Enough to Dare

1. Write down what you can do.
2. Write down what you did do.
3. Focus on these and these alone.

By keeping the focus on the accomplishments and possibilities, you steal the power from the negatives and darkness that try to convince you the end will never arrive.

Daily Challenge - believe enough

Scripture Focus

Today’s Readings:

Acts 9
1 Corinthians 10 – 12
1 Peter 1 – 2
Matthew 25 – 28

Scripture Focus:

“Bad company corrupts good morals.” – from 1 Corinthians 15:13

Ponder Point:

The more you are around the negatives, the more you begin to emulate those negatives. Choose your companions with wisdom.

Share Moment:

Who have you been hanging around?

Scripture Focus - 1 Corinthians 15:13

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Place in Purpose

You are designed on purpose and for a purpose. Place in Purpose walks you through the questions that will help you plot your path to unlocking your heartseed.

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place in purpose

Today’s Growing HOPE broadcast

Growing HOPE Daily header - 68 - find your heartseed

68 – Find Your Heartseed

The world covers and coats your heartseed until the you that you were created to be is lost and unrecognizable – maybe even unimaginable.

    #GrowingHOPE daily - 5 points - find your heartseed

    You have to get back to the original heartseed design if you are going to grow up your possibilities.

  • First, dream a little dream. Dare to imagine the dreams of your childhood, or of your yesterday. Write down all the things you wanted to be when you grow up – and don’t put in any restrictions or limitations.

  • Second, capture the joy. What did you enjoy doing before someone told you that you couldn’t do it? What did you enjoy pursuing before someone demanded you “get a real job” and quit playing around?

  • Third, make a list of all the things, events, activities, or opportunities that set your heart to thumping and your face to beaming. Include those moments or topics that bring such a positive thrill to you that you have to share with others.

  • Fourth, look for connections and commonalities among all the things you have been writing down. They don’t have to be perfectly connected. Just see how they relate to each other. The common links can be the key to discovering the whole of your heartseed.

  • And finally, dare to think beyond the limits. The full-grown heartseed will rarely look like what you see before you right now. Imposing the limits of now on what might be will hinder the ability for your heartseed to flourish.

Discover the nature of your heartseed and you will not only thrive in the world but you will find your unique way to affect change in the world.

Growing HOPE Daily - quote - simple truth dare

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