Growing Up Boldness – Five – Next Step

Living out a bold and purposeful life will take some effort and it will require that the effort be invested over time – that would mean that I will need to be consistent and persistent to make it happen – but it will happen if I will walk it out.

Boldness to Keep Stepping

I can. I will. I am.

    – The next step will be a little easier because it has momentum behind it but I have to take that step if I want to continue to build that momentum.

    – I will keep the momentum going only by the consistent pursuit of my purpose . . . more of the same ole same ole to get me to my dreams. It is not a one step journey.

    – I need to double down on the next step so that I can develop a persistent pushing that will break through the resistance that will eventually come.

    – One more thing will get me one step closer and will also create a habit of doing that will increase my consistent and persistent attitude.

    – Expecting a next step – no matter where I am in the journey – can be the most important key to unlocking the consistent and persistent habits that keep me going.

I take that first step, but then I need to take that next step. It is only when I put one foot in front of the other over and over again that I will make it to where I want to go. When I invest in building consistent and persistent habits then I fuel my ability to take that next step.

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