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41 – Find Support in Relationships with Growing HOPE and the #Quoteoftheday

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Friday, October 18, 2019

Quote of the Day

“If you are going to build up anything lasting you need to find the right support.”

#Quoteoftheday - finding support

Thought of the Day

Support Holds You Up

Nothing stands without support – NOTHING. There are different types of support for different things, different people, and different seasons, but everything requires support.

You grow up the support you need to pursue your BIG DREAMS and live out your possibilities when you invest in foundational relationships.

Be invested in others to grow up all that you can be.

GrowingHOPE daily - quote - stand go fly

Challenge for Intentional Actions

Finding Support

Who is the first person you think of when you think of support?
Send that person a thank you today.

Challenge for Oct 18 - find support

Scripture Focus

“Lord, satisfy us in the morning with Your loving kindness so we may sing for joy and be glad.” –from Psalm 90:14

scripture focus Psalm 90:14
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Find Your Focus

You have to find your focus to stand strong against what comes at you. It will take focus to get through – through the storms, through the opinions of others, through the next step. Find your focus and then hold on tight.

If you need help finding your focus, let’s talk. Visit CoachforFocus.com to learn more or click below to set up your free 30 min jump start call.

find your focus

Today’s Growing HOPE broadcast

Growing HOPE header 41 - finding your support

41 – Finding Your Support

You are not designed to go it alone. Invest in relationships so you have the support to stand, to go, and to fly.

    You can do more and be more and reach higher when you are secure in the support that comes from foundational relationships.
    Growing HOPE daily - 5 points for finding support

  1. The relationships you invest in and grow up around you are where you will find your biggest fans. The people who know you and invest in you already believe in you and encourage you.
  2. The foundational relationships shout your wins. We all need people in our lives that will be so excited about our wins that they can’t wait to tell others.

  3. The people invested in you and that you are invested in are the ones that can see your possibilities even when you can’t – or won’t.

  4. The foundational relationships you need for building your success are the ones that accept you where you are. They believe you can and will do more. They know your stumbles and your falls from the past. But they make the choice to accept you where you are today.

  5. The best relationships challenge you to be more – most of the time without even trying. You want to be better when you are around them or you dare to take the next step because you know they will be there.

  6. Foundational relationships infuse us with the inspiration and encouragement to be more and to do more than we would do on our own.

    Growing HOPE quote supportive relationships

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