Relationships INcouraged – 2 – Becoming Encouraged

Becoming encouraged makes a way for me to share our encouragement. I have to fill up my own well of encouragement by finding what inspires and keeping it some place easy to get to so that I will not run dry of my own courage for this journey.

Defining and Understanding Encouragement

When I release the need to get back – when I find the place of not expecting a return – then I make room for relationships to grow into all that they are supposed to be.

    1. Be a good steward – I am most encouraged when I am healthy, my schedule is balanced, and my home and life are orderly – and these only come when I make the choices that put me in a position of being the good steward over all aspects of my life.

    2. Create an inspiration wall or journal. You need a place to keep a record of the things that inspire or encourage you. It could be a collage of images, or a folder of songs in your music player. The key is to HAVE a way to keep encouragement readily accessible.

    3. Quiet time. Learn how to tune out and to unplug in order to refresh and refill encouragement. The quiet releases the imagination to discover its own way and that is always a good thing.

    4. Enjoyment investment. Make time to laugh, to play, and to enjoy the things of life and in life. I have to find the time and space to enjoy the journey or I will not want to be on the journey in the first place.

    5. Understand the encouragement well – or it may be better to describe it as a reservoir. The encouragement pours out of you into the world, but if you do not keep the reservoir filled then you will become exhausted and depleted in your encouragement efforts.

I have to find my path for becoming encouraged if I want to be an encouragement to others.

The more I fill my life with encouragement then the more I will be prepared to be an encouragement in the lives of others. I have to refill my encouragement well to be in that place of overflow.

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