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How to Defy the Attacks Ignited by Faith

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MAP IT OUT – Week 7 – Understand

Friday – Attacks

The attacks are coming. I need to find ways to protect in my weaknesses so that I can continue to grow and walk out my strengths because this is where I find the place of comfort and protection that will keep me standing strong even when the attacks come. I also need to be aware of all the ways and tactics that the enemy uses so that I can be prepared to stand.

Preparing for the Attacks

The enemy is constantly gearing up for the attack. It is up to me to arm up, gear up, and step up so that I am ready for whatever attacks might come my way.

#GrowingHOPE - MAP IT OUT - Understand - Attacks

  • The attacks come at my weaknesses – because you never attack a stronghold. I need to identify my weak points.
  • The attacks come from my friends – because who better to knock you down than one that is closest to you.

  • The attacks come from my family – because the people that I love the most have the greatest possibility of hurting me the most.

  • The attacks come from organized religion – because I have trust in the group that says the love me no matter what.

  • The attacks come – so I have to arm myself in preparation for the attacks.

The attacks will happen – maybe not every moment of the day and maybe not every day – but they will happen. I have to be prepared, recognize the attacks, and shore up my weaknesses so that I can stand strong through the attacks or maybe even deflect them altogether.

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