Growing Momentum – Actions MUST be Unique

I am unique and so my actions must be unique for them to work out in my life.

I have places to go – but I need to take action if I want to get there. The truth is that my journey can’t be directed by you, by him, or by a fairy godmother. It has to be me. When I learn from others and then take that learning and put it to my own actions –
THEN I grow up the momentum necessary for success.[divider_padding]

My Unique Actions Feed My Momentum

your unique place pg 7Actions HAVE to be unique to me if they are going to work for me.

    – I can learn from you but I have to find my own way.
    – I am not your – and that is a good thing.
    – I don’t see things the way you see them.
    – I experience things unique to where I am.
    – No two journeys will ever be the same no matter how close they come.


I sometimes wish for an easy button – but when I am serious about my journey I recognize that pushing an easy button would leave me with the vision someone else created – and I will never be happy in someone else’s vision because I am not that person. I have to take the actions that are unique to me and for me.

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