Growing Up Boldness – One – Honest Evaluation

I want to walk out a bold life. I want to be bold in pursuit of my dreams. I want to dare to be more than anyone ever imagined possible – including me. Until I am honest about where I am I will never be in a position to more from that place.

Boldness only comes from a place of honest evaluation. I have to look at me and look in me to help me choose the steps that will lift me up to the impossible dreams.

Make an Honest Evaluation to Grow up Boldness

Bold actions start with a realistic look at who I am and where I am – and also where I truly want to be.

    One – I need to take a time inventory.
    Two – I need to review my goals and weigh my desires.
    Three – I need to compare what I am doing with what I want to be doing.
    Four – I need to set a new time budget and schedule based on all that I learn.
    Five – I need to monitor and review my actions daily.

Bold is good. Bold is strong. Bold is the exceeding of ordinary. Those that are daring to be more than ordinary are beginning to tap into the magic that comes with being bold.

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