Place in Purpose with Guest John Michael Morgan

“If things are so good where you are then why bother changing.”

The change I need for my life exists for a reason. Discomfort pushes me to move from where I am to where I know I should be. Discontent prods me to step away from this moment into the possibilities of another. I look around and wonder if change is even possible for my life.

I can – if I will.

It really is that simple.

I can do whatever I set my heart on doing – if I am willing to invest what it takes to see it through. Getting there will require that I make choices and some of them may be tough. Reaching my destination will require that I take action because action is always what drives me down the path of my journey.

But I can – if I will.

Discovering my unique place in purpose drives me towards the change I desire.


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Kathryn Lang

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