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Growing Up Boldness – Two – Serious about Change

Growing up boldness in my life takes investment and action and especially change. I will never get to where I want to be if I make the choice to stay where I am. I have to be serious about change to live bold in purpose.

Becoming Serious about Change

I must be serious about change if I want to see change become the reality for my life.

    To become serious about change I have to be willing to take some serious steps.

    1. I have to make time for the actions that are required.
    2. I have to take action daily – even when I don’t want to.
    3. I have to write down my daily actions so that I can hold myself accountable.
    4. I have to use my records to measure the actions and the results.
    5. I have to invest in personal accountability by meeting with a group, a personal coach, or some other outside force.

Growing up boldness is not the ordinary way of doing business – and anything that is not ordinary is often deemed bad. I can still break through the walls if I dig in my heels and get serious about my change.

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