Discover the Secrets for Creating Change

Change is the Secret to Success

Building a writing career conjures up images of greatness in some minds, full of book signings, interviews and unbelievable advances. Those that have started down the path often have more nightmares than images – nightmares of looming deadlines, haunting blank pages and empty checkbooks.

It takes work to build a career. That work has to begin with a willingness to change. I will never get to my success – to the place I want to be – until I am willing to step out of the place where I currently stand.

Top Five Secrets for Making Change

    1. Be truthful – I have to be willing to admit to others and myself about where I struggle and where I need help. With myself, I have to be willing to take the steps to grow and learn. With others, I have to be willing to be revealed as needing that growth and education. With God, I have to be open to Him – not because He needs to know but because I need to be willing to tell.

    2. Be forgiving – I have to be willing to let things go. I will make mistakes. Others will make mistakes. It will all be okay if I refuse to allow the mistakes to become the focus.

    3. Be committed – I have to have a persistency for taking the steps that will get me to where I want to go. The consistency in my pursuit WILL BE the difference.

    4. Be interested – I have to have a desire to get to that goal. The moment I lose interest, I lose momentum. The moment I lose my momentum, I will stop. Stopping will never get me to my dreams.

    5. Be surrendered – I have to give into the purpose for which I was designed. Giving into God and His direction will allow me to do anything that is worth doing.

It takes change to get results, and I know that I want those results. I am taking one step to get there – one change at a time. Are you willing to make the changes that are necessary to build the career that you desire?

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