Finding the Way to Extreme Makeovers

Extreme Makeovers

I want my blessings. Shows that offer extreme makeovers for families and individuals leave me wondering why they have not shown up at my house. Before the tornadoes swept through the area in April of 2011, I would have given you a list of things that needed improvement in my home. Now my list is more about outside than inside.

The other day I caught myself mulling around in the muck of self-pity because a show was not at my house. My son chose that particular moment to belt out the lines of the song he had been learning. “There is power, power, wonder working power in the blood of the Lamb.”

His words hit me and made my stomach turn. I trusted these shows more than I trusted the power of the Lamb. Not only do I know that God has the ability to create extreme makeovers, but He does not even make me pay the taxes.

I took a moment and looked around the room – the room that had been completely redone after the tornadoes. I spent years praying over the need for new floors . . . they were there now. I spent years praying over the want of more storage . . . it was there now. My husband talked often about the desire of a room just for laundry . . . it was there now. All the things that we had hoped and dreamed came to pass.

I turned off the television, and I have not turned on a single one of those shows since then. It is too easy to fall back into the mud hole of self-pity. It may seem like those people on the show get a lot for a little bit of effort. The truth is that I have the world – or my Father does. All He asks is that I choose obedience if I want to live in His blessings.

Choosing Blessings

Do what you know to do even if you want to do something else – there are days when I refuse to turn off my computer game even though I know there are dishes in the sink. Those are the same days that I still expect to be blessed (even through my disobedience).

Look at your own blessings – God has done so much in (and through) our lives. If I choose to focus on those things we have experienced, then the things that others experience will not drive me to the mud.

Remember who you are – I am the child of the One that owns all and can create anything that is not yet created (since He created it all to begin with). He offers more than the world could even begin to understand. Why would I ever want to settle for what the world has to offer?

I can receive all the blessings and promises if I make the choice to be where they are waiting. I have to come to that place – a place of personal sacrifice where I choose His will over my will – in order to become all that He designed me to be. It is when I choose to come alongside His path and walk with him in all that He has for my life that I begin to understand what it means to live in blessings.

Will I choose the blessings?

The answer seems obvious, but I struggle. I want to choose the right path, but I also prefer the comfort of doing what I want to do. How do you make the choice to live in His blessings? Share your tips or link to your own blog about your blessing experiences.

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