The Power of My Imagination

Imagination and I have a long relationship. I crafted worlds the existed in the lake with its help. I created tales of monsters slicing through the waters below my house thanks to what imagination was willing to share. Trees and animals talked with me as I walked in the woods around the town. All of my mind was filled with amazing ideas and possibilities, thanks to imagination.

For a long time, imagination and I grew dreams that reflected sparkles and rainbows. I had not experienced enough of the world and its negatives to dampen the sparks. Life has a way of pushing things to the dark side.

My first experience with the men in the shadows happened at my spend the night party when I turned nine. We found a key in the basement and a few moments later one of the girls shouted she saw someone in the window.

A figment of the mass imagination of a gaggle of nine-year-old girls? Maybe it was. But that incident started a running story in my mind of a conspiracy that stretched for decades. I knew that every car that followed along hid more men trying to take the key. Every hang up on the phone left me watching over my shoulder.

They were coming – I just knew they were. The stories that I crafted continued to develop around stalkers at the back door. More worlds evolved from the experiences of a broken heart trying to mend. They – the ones after the key – continued to weaver their way into my stories.

The more I experiences, the more the imagination spread. Soon, I found myself on the beach with my friends creating stories of all those that had the good fortune of passing in front of us. We had conversations for them. We crafted elaborate scenarios for their walks. The stories in my head continued to grow.

Little things can make a big impact when it comes to the imagination. My mind swirls with moments, events and characters that spring from the slightest breeze. I desire to share these growing tales with all who are willing to take the adventure with me.

Sometimes, I discover that my imagination merged with the truth and I had no way of knowing it could happen. Sometimes, the stories that are woven show up down the road in the ditch, in the news, or in the local gossip. Who knew that the imagination could be so powerful that it could weave the future?

Despite my need to get the voices out of my head and living their own lives, I still want to empower the words I share with hope. I want them to have a purpose – to be more than just stories or shadows of stories to come. I want them to offer you some of what keeps me going each day: hope that lifts the heart, infuses the body with strength and motivates the feet to continue forward.

Is that too much to ask?

If you are willing to take the leap, then join me in the next encounter with the men in the shadows. WATCH – the second book of the Big Spring novels – is now available for your Kindle or other eReaders.

Sometimes fiction is stranger than the real live – but only because reality has constraints.

Not only do I want you to join me in my adventures, I want to encourage you in your own. Why do you do what you do? Does passion drive your purpose? Does the paycheck get you up each day? I want to hear YOUR story.

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