A Heart Issue – Study of Proverbs Chapter Seventeen

Getting the heart right makes a way for all thing in life to be right. Let the words of Proverbs Seventeen begin to guide you in your heart journey. Take time to read through the whole chapter. Write out any verses that might stand out in your mind. Review the verse on a regular basis. Let it settle into your heart and begin the change of your heart.

It IS All in the Heart

The heart makes the difference. Grow hope and joy blossoms. Grow faith and strength emerges. It is that which grows in the heart that makes the difference.

Focusing on the Heart

Strife will ruin everything. It even makes sacrifice worthless. The heart will reveal the true value of the actions. Do what you do but always do it only out of – and through – Love if you want it to survive the test of the refining pot.

Watch your tongue. Keep your words as truth and only truth that has a foundation in Love. Watch your ears. Protect them from those lips that might spread negatives and false words.

A heart that mocks, laughs at and scorns those lacking or with need will reveal its true master. Love will seek ways to cover trials or trespasses. It does not set out to expose the trials of others.

Letting in strife – even just a little – pokes a hole in the dam. All the negatives can easily (and in their own time) come flooding through.

Love. That is all. Love makes it possible to find the good. Love helps you to avoid falling into mischief. Love brings healing to the heart.

It is all a heart issue. Grow a heart filled with Love.

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