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How to Build a Faith Bridge

Building a faith bridge requires setting a foundation that allows you to step even when you can’t see the next step. When you know what you know and you believe it beyond what you can see then you will be able to move from the place of not seeing to a place of not only seeing but living boldly.

Build a bridge
from the place of not seeing
to the place of seeing. 
– Gene Hendrix

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There was a man who was going to set a record for crossing from one high rise to another. He set his tight rope and prepared to take the walk. Before he took his first step, a news reporter interviewed him.

“Do you believe you can make it?” She asked.

“I wouldn’t be able to take the first step if I didn’t believe I could make the whole journey.” He replied.

“How do you know you can make it?”

“I’ve trained. I’ve practiced. I’ve made shorter trips. I tested the lines. I set the lines. Experience, training, and focus have taught me that I can.”

“That makes sense.”

“The real question is do you believe I can make it?” The man asked.

The reporter was surprised by the question, but she nodded. “I think you can.”

“But do you believe?”

She wasn’t sure how to answer. “What’s the difference?”

“If you think I can make it, you’ll stand here and report it. If you believe I will make it then you’ll get in the wheelbarrow and go with me.” 

It’s not often that we believe enough in someone else’s bridge of faith to jump in the wheelbarrow and go with them. But it should be our goal to set such a firm foundation that we don’t doubt for a second to invite someone to take the journey with us.

Ephesians 6:16 Building your faith bridge

Three Things to Know about World Bridges

The eyes have physical limits

Your physical eyes can only see so far, and the limits are determined by the circumstances. Living next to a lake, we are often shocked when the fog moves in and we can no longer see the peninsula across the way. Even when we have a clear view, we can’t see the people walking around. It’s too far. Although we can use tools to enhance our vision, circumstances will still limit how much and how far we can see.

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The world fogs vision

Reality is what you choose to believe. Whether it’s the truth or it’s a delusion crafted by the enemy, it becomes real. The more you listen to the world, the more the world gets to paint your reality. The reality of the world will always fog up the vision of faith. The only way to burn off the fog of the world’s reality is with the Son.

The vision of others affects what we see

The more they tell you (and you listen) then the more you believe what they tell you – even if you knew before they began that it wasn’t true. You begin to believe what you hear and accept. Make certain that you hear more of what you want than what you don’t want!

Keeping the Faith – Faith Walker Video

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Expand to Your Faith Bridge

See Beyond the Limits

Faith sees more than what is there. It sees the Promise and stands firm in that Truth. When you practice seeing through those lenses then there are no more limits on what you can do. Make time to know the promises and the truth so you can stand strong.

Look Past Their Words

“We’ve never done it that way.” “You can’t do that.” “That’s now what we think.” Those are some of the words that will keep you from building your faith bridge. Invest instead in words of possibility thinking, hope growing, and flight taking.

Keep Growing Past the Knowing

We learn stuff during our walk on this earth. The more we learn that doesn’t align with Promises and Truth, the more we have to learn to get beyond that original learning. Keep investing in what feeds your faith until that learning goes past what you used to know.

Investing in your Faith Bridge

Wrapping Up Your Faith Bridge

You have the ability to go from where you are to where you want to be – even if the world seems to think that your BIG DREAMS are a delusional impossibility. The world doesn’t dictate your truth. When you build your BIG DREAMS on the Promises and the Truth then you will create your faith bridge for crossing from the world’s impossibility into your purposed possibility.

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