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Inspiration from a VIP or Consistency Challenge – Day Sixteen

roping up shoes

I am not a fashion blogger – nor have I ever played one on T.V. I am also certain that staying in a Holiday Inn Express would not get me any closer to being able to pass for a fashion blogger. The closest I get to fashion is Project Runway and Project Runway All-Stars, but even that is more about the crafting of the garments than the fashion (at least for me).

I love things that ignite the creative spirit and I am starting to realize that fashion is more about that creative spirit than the next pair of “in style” boots or pants.

I have been reading the VIP blog lately and she has inspired me. It is not just her style, but her ability to take things and make them work for her. She also has reminded me that when I approach a situation with an open heart and an open mind, I can learn more than I ever imagined possible.

Top Things I Learned from the Vintage Inspired Passionista

    1. You are never too young to pursue your passion. You are also never too old. We – as a society – get stuck in a mold that says at this age you must or at that age you must. When you discover something you love, go after it!

    2. You can go further and do more with an ally army backing you up. The VIP has a great crew that are more than just a crew. That kind of support can help carry you when you are struggling or give you the courage to take the next step. Find people that believe in you and believe in your dreams and keep them around you.

    3. You never know until you try. It may not work. It may be fabulous. You will never know which way the event, the outfit or the moment will fall until you take that step. Give it a go. The only way you ever really fail is if you never try.

Are you a passionista or are you just going along to get along? Let the VIP inspire you to great fashion, a little daring and a new vision.

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