A Positive Body Focus or Consistency Challenge – Day Fifteen

Positive Body Image

Stick to the positive – that was the advice I recently received at the #alsocme luncheon. People like to be encouraged.

I naturally lean to the positive.

The #bloglikecrazy challenge from See Jane Write Magazine for today –the halfway point of the challenge – does not make it easy for me to stick to the positive.

“Write about your favorite body part.”

My first response was “ugh.” There is very little that I like to speak about when it comes to my body. It goes back to some bad experiences with the “cool” kids up at the mall when I was a teenager. He called me over to their group the first time I showed up at the mall. He looked me over and then pronounced his sentence. “You are fat and your pants are ugly.”

I have not had any desire to talk about my body since that day.

But I will . . . not because I want to, because I need to. The things that I fear or that try to cause me fear need to be faced.

Finding the Positives in My Body

    – I have curves. Although the three children have helped make the curves a little more fluffy, they are still rather symmetrical.

    – I have great hair. Technically, my hair is not my body, but it is still part of me. It has waves or curls – depending on how I style it.

    – I have long legs. Okay, I confess that I am only five feet tall, but a lot of that five feet is legs.

I could sit here and point out all of the things that I dislike about my body. Finding negatives may be the easiest thing I can do when it comes to that particular subject. The media, society and that haunting voice from so many years back all conspire to keep me focused on the negative.

I am not the negatives. I am not like all those other groups demand. I am unique and the more that I embrace my uniqueness the stronger I can stand. The stronger I stand the more I will see that my positives really are something to focus on.

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