Discover the Unique Purpose of You

Lost - Find the way to purpose.

A life worth living begins when you discover the unique purpose of you. People complain all too often that they have no clue about where they are or where they are supposed to be. The frustration of spinning wheels and immovable walls pours out to others around them and leaves everyone feeling miserable.

Are You Lost?

    – Are you week days spent looking forward to the weekend? A person that has settled into a unique purpose enjoys the each part of the journey. Today is the day – yesterday is gone and tomorrow will ALWAYS be tomorrow.

    – Are you tired before you get out of bed? A person that is pursuing purpose wants to get going. The excitement makes it possible to wake up going instead of waking up moaning about having to get going.

    – Are you working for a paycheck? A person that has purpose at the center of the day will be focused on the task at hand. The paycheck becomes the gravy and not the main event. It becomes about more than just the money.

    – Are you looking for excuses not to do what you have been doing? A person pursuing purpose will look for excuses to work on that purpose. Other things become less important or completely irrelevant. Purpose overrides everything.

Purpose creates energy, ignites enthusiasm and drives determination. A person living outside of purpose will struggle to find the way. You can begin to uncover your purpose once you recognize that you are lost. Taking that first step will provide the open door to help you discover the unique purpose of you.

The release of Purposeful Passion is scheduled for the Summer. The book will offer eight lessons and discussion questions that will help you uncover the passion seed God created in you at the beginning of time and begin to grow that seed to your unique purpose. It will be available in both paperback and eReader formats.

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