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Change Happens One Step at a Time

Change is on the way.

Today is only the second day of the year. I have found myself looking over at my White Board of World Domination on more than one occasion. The words at the top push me to do more than I would have done without the extra kick. The word at the bottom reminds me, secures me even, to the promise that the actions will lead me to the BIG DREAM goals.

Little changes can make big differences

One of the things I discovered when reviewing last year was my inability to see all the points on my White Board of World Domination. The board is across the room – which provides a GREAT view – but it also makes it difficult for me to read the smaller print. I can almost read it all – if I strain. So I am keeping my glasses by my desk. When I want to have a visual reminder then I put on my glasses and take in the plan for 2017.

Simple steps make it easier to follow the path

Another thing I found was that my great plan for 2016 had a LOT of moving parts – and it was hard to keep track of them all. I simplified the plan (because it is important to always keep it simple) and that allowed me to print out my daily to-do for the next month. All of my days are centered around my plan.

Keeping a record keeps me honest about where I am and where I’m going

I know that if I write down how I spend my money – and I mean every, single penny – then I will know exactly how I am spending my money. I also know that if I keep track of how I spend my time – from the moment I wake until the moment I sleep – then I will have to face the truth of how I am spending my time. Simplifying my daily to-do list (and including a schedule) allows me to mark my time and make notes along the way for review and adjustments.

Any excuse will work – the key is to refuse to work with them

My final lesson from 2016 comes from the ways I came up with to put things off. I was quite creative in my excuses. It turns out any excuse will work if I want it to. I have already had plenty of excuses line up to “help” me in the New Year. I have been purposeful in choosing NOT to work with any of them.

One step – that is all that is required to start my journey to success Click To Tweet

I know that we are just getting started, but that is fundamental to finishing anything. I have to start if I am going to finish. So it may be day two, but that means I am now two days closer to my BIG DREAM goals.

What steps are you celebrating today? Be sure to share in the comments below.

Be blessed,

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