A New Plan for the New Year

My plan for the New Year begins with a simple understanding that I have to be focused on MY WAY.

The process began several weeks back. It required a review of the last 40ish weeks and a look into the crystal ball for what the future weeks would hold.

I discovered something that shocked me. It turns out that I am not like everyone else. Some might even go so far as to say that I’m a little off. It took that review and a view personal insights to uncover the truth that if I’m not like everyone then I may need to do things different from everyone else.

A unique plan just for my journey should be easy. I talk about it all the time – well, I talk about others finding their unique plan. I can see it in others. I can even give directions to others.

This year, I determined that my focus would be on MY WAY. I cleared my White Board of World Domination and set out to create a plan that was all about me and all about my dreams, my desires, and my direction.

When building anything the foundation is fundamental. My foundation for 2017 – the focus word for the year – is PROPITIOUS (which means full of promise). I found this word as I was searching out a single word to declare that 2017 would be the year of MY WAY. The idea of a year full of promise seemed right up my alley, so I set it as the foundation for all that would come next.

What came next took more rethinking. I had a relatively strong layout for my daily activities, but it never jived all that well with my White Board of World Domination. MY WAY meant that they would all be cohesive – or even all the same – because if it’s good enough for the White Board of World Domination then it’s good enough for the daily to-do list.

Instead of one singular goal, I determined that I had four areas I wanted to hone in 2017: Work (freelance and Peculiar Productions), Writing (books and websites), Stewardship (home and yard), and Health (spirit, mind, and body). I set goals in each of these and then broke down those goals into tasks.

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Now it was easy to create a schedule for the day, for the week, and for the month. I put these into form sheets to print out and keep in my focus folder, making sure to leave space to keep notes about how things were going or where things may have gone off the track.

I topped the White Board of World Domination with a motto for 2017: I AM worth it!

The final touch came from images to provide me with a visual of my goals. I have room enough to add images along the way.

Now I have a plan. I have a vision. I have a schedule. And I did it MY WAY. What is your way for making the New Year the year of your success? Share your ideas in the comments below.

Be blessed,

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  • Kathryn, if this post is the sum total result of your entire personal, business, and spiritual efforts of 2016 then 2017 is off to a most propitious beginning and you have truly found your map to your own journey of success. Watching your growth has been simply awesome. I am blessed to know you.

    • Thank you so much for your words – they were the inspiration that greeted me this morning and the perfect reminder that today WILL BE a very good day. You are a blessing to me as well and I look forward to all that 2017 will have in store!