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Resolution Revolution

Down with the resolutions.

Every year I have resolved to not do something, to give something up, or to take something on. I focus on making it happen. I make a plan to get it done. My resolve usually fades by February.

This year, in the same pattern of MY WAY that led my White Board of World Domination, I made a decision not to make any resolutions. As a matter of fact, I am not even stressing over my to-do list that I printed out based on my BIG DREAM goals.

Instead, I am taking it one day at a time – one step in each day. It is not about resolutions but about lifestyle choices.

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I learned about lifestyle choices versus controlling behavior when I first went through the Weigh Down Workshop. The ideas were reinforced when I read through Thin Within and Made to Crave. Basically, if I am doing something to control something then I am missing the point. When I make changes that change my life, then I am focused on making my life different and better instead of trying to control something.

Looking over my list of goals on my White Board of World Domination, I see the theme of lifestyle change in each one, or at least in the tasks that will get me to my BIG DREAM goals. The steps are what makes the difference. It is all about enjoying the journey as much as it is about reaching the destination.

Things are going to happen. There will be days when my to-do list falls in the ditch (or I drag it into the ditch with me). There will be days when the schedules around me conflict with the schedule on my list. There will be days when I just won’t want to do the to-dos. That is okay. My aim is higher than one day.

This year, I am ditching the resolutions and choosing to focus on the big picture of my life. Making choices – lifestyle changes – that will give me the results I desire is better than setting a resolution that I will give up on or forget before the buds show up on the tree.

How do you make change happen in your life? Although we each have to find our own way, we learn from the experiences and wisdom of others. Please take a moment and share your thoughts in the comments below.

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