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Know the Way to Success

My husband told me today that I am write 80% of the time. I responded that it was only because 20% of the time I thought I might be wrong but it turned out I had been right all along. He was not amused.

His comment was supposed to annoy me. Husbands can be like that. They are not particularly thrilled when wives throw that annoyance back on them. They can be like that, too.

I will confess to you – but only to you, so never tell my husband – that I do not know it all and I am not right all of the time. I try to research what I do so that I have a foundation for my response. When I invest in my response, then I am usually somewhere in the range of “right.”

What I DO Know is Right

    1. It is all about relationships. Connections are nice, and they can open doors or provide a little fuel for your motivational fire. Relationships run deeper. They will help carry you to your destination when you have stumbled or hit a wall. Relationships join you in your journey instead of just cheering from the sidelines. Relationships build you up and grow you to become all that you are designed to become.

    2. It is a journey. I want it to happen right now, but lasting success takes an investment – of time, of resources and of persistence (and consistent persistence at that). Determination has to push through day by day, moment by moment, until my right now happens. Even then, I will already be looking at the next right now because now passes quickly. If I want to create lasting success then I have to be willing to take the steps that will build lasting success.

    3. There is no magic formula. If there was a magic formula, then everyone would follow it. At the very least, the big dogs (major players in the individual industries) would follow that magic formula. Each success story has unique elements that drive that success. There is not one path. There is no pre-determined directions. You have to pursue your path, but be willing to learn, adjust and grow along the way.

    4. Certain steps are always required. If I want to become a successful writer then I have to write. There is no way around that step. I have to make the choice each day to create words – even when I want to do something else, even when I want a break, even when my muse refuses to show up. To be a writer, I have to write. Learn the required steps and then be persistent in following those steps. Daily consistency creates a foundation for success.

My right may be your left, but that is okay. I have to understand my journey and then pursue that journey to get to where my desires meet my reality. I will not get there alone – relationships help me grow. I will not get there over night – overnight successes have invested a lifetime in that success. I will not get there trying to find the short cut or secret – determination, consistency and adjustments will make my way. I will not get there without moving – I have to take the steps. The right way to become all that I want to be starts with what I know.

What do you know about finding your success?

Be blessed,


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