Cheating on God

I cheated on God – and ultimately I guess I also cheated on my husband and my children. Satisfaction has taken the place of sacrifice. Desire over-ruled deeds. I have made my needs and wants a priority even when I knew that there were other things that were better for me, my family and my life.

Yesterday I watched some television and movies on the computer. The weekend offered more of the same. I did make lunch for the family and worked in the garden and do some writing as well. It was not all bad. But even a little off of complete obedience is disobedience. How can I expect my children to choose better when I am a living example of NOT?

Each morning I have committed to reading one chapter of Proverbs. I read the chapter that corresponds with the day of the month just to make it easier to keep up with both. I have been reading Proverbs for awhile and KNEW that there had to be more to the adulteress woman than what the surface revealed.

It hit me hard this morning. The adulteress woman is all of those things that entice me away from my True Love – the One that sustains me and gives me life. She is that food that I do not need but want to eat anyway. She is that television show that does not give me life but that I want anyway. She is that chat room that keeps me from the tasks that I should be doing. The adulteress woman is anything that takes the rightful place of my Father and begins to dictate my life.

My choices have to reflect better if I want to live in the blessings. I have to be prepared to turn away from the adulteress and know what my game plan will be before she ever makes it into the picture.

Breaking the Habit of Cheating on God

    1. Take a walk when the “need” to watch television starts to come into my head.

    2. Turn on some music and sing and dance.

    3. Sit down with my family for all three meals – even if I am only drinking a smoothie.

    4. Re-read Proverbs 6 and remember what the end results are when I choose anything over God (or what the blessings are when I choose God over everything).

    5. Develop a habit of better choices – start by printing out a chart with 21 days on it. Make a point to mark off on that chart every day for 21 days. I will make my chart my accountability.

There will always be temptations and trials, but I am not left on my own. The One that holds me in His hand has already provided a way out. I just have to listen to Him and CHOOSE to follow down the path He has prepared.

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