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Scripture Heals the Gap

Put Scripture first if you want to ensure a health relationship with God and a simpler life for you

The song caught my attention. It had a great beat and you could dance to it. I halfway listened for most of the song and then I caught the words from the chorus.

“I grew up and got older and we grew apart.”

I think I understood what he was trying to say. He wanted to get back to a more simple time – when things of faith were easier. I THINK that’s what he was saying.

The words from the chorus continued to bother me. God does not grow apart from me. I move away from God. Even more to the point, I make the chose to move away from God. It is not an accidental process. It is a purposeful choice.

The song did have an amazing benefit for my day – and now that I am looking back on what I faced in the hours ahead it resonates even more. If I want to be where I am supposed to be, and if I want to be in a more simple place where faith is easier, then I have to make the purposeful choice to put God first.

Scripture Helps Put God First in a Hectic Life

    1. Make the Word the first thing. The earlier I have it scheduled the more apt it is to get done. My husband recently took my father-in-law to the doctor and there was a delay from when they arrived to when they finally got to go back to see the doctor. It annoys my father-in-law to no end. I reminded my husband to get the earliest appointment they offer because those almost always go on time if not earlier.

    Once the delays start, they build up and grow.

    Make the Word the first thing without exception.

    2. Do the hardest when you are at your peak. I have been reading the Proverbs, Psalms, and Gospel every morning for the last several years. It is natural to me and they are some of the easier readings (in my opinion). I also had scheduled the Old Testament readings for before bedtime. Those can be some of the hardest readings for me to get through. This year I switched them. I put the Old Testament first and since reading in the morning is already a natural habit, switching to the Old Testament hasn’t been that much of a distraction (even if it is a harder read).

    Get past the hardest first and the rest will be easier to fit into place.

    3. Only do today what is expected for today. One of the reasons I struggled so long to read all the way through the Bible is that missed day. Because you miss that one day and try to make up the reading the next day. Something happens to hold you back again and now you’ve built up three days of reading. With my new schedule – you can get a copy of the schedule by signing up for the newsletter HERE – I only read what is scheduled for that day. If I miss a day, I let it go. That reading will come around again soon enough.

    Last year I read through the entire Bible three times (and sections of the Bible multiple times) by making the choice to focus on today.

If I want to be in a place that is simpler – a place where “Yes, Jesus Loves Me” is my life theme and focus – then my relationship with God must be the priority. The only way my relationship with God is going to be the priority is when I make the purposeful choice to put Him and His Word first in my life.

Be blessed,

What are you doing to get back to a simpler way of life? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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