Every Promise I Will Ever Need

Every promise I will ever need begins with the Word. Despite this knowledge, I still struggle to keep the focus that will get me to the place where I live out these promises.

I try to help myself. I try to follow the right plan that they have dictated needs to be followed. I try to do what I believe I am supposed to do within the rules and regulations that the world has set up or sent down.

The more I try, the more complicated it seems to get. More rules, more regulations, more demands, more restrictions, and just more.

My son learned to ride his bike without any rules or regulations. He rode his bike with training wheels until he developed the ability to balance and then we removed the training wheels and he began to ride his bike. It required no special video or special instruction – the more his dad tried to coach him the more frustrated he got. And then when nobody was looking he just got on and rode his bike.

It was simple. But we work hard to make it complicated. We listen to the world and we get distracted by the stuff. When we come back to the Word we find we have every promise we ever needed.

Every Promise Begins with the Word

psalm 37-7 Every promise

And it is simple for me. If I can find my way to pushing aside the stuff that others have dictated as important or necessary and if I can knock aside the doubts and fears I have piled up as well, then every promise and every step I need for this journey are already sitting before me. I just have to pick them up and follow-through.

Promises I Already Have

I Can if I Will – the only thing holding me back is ME. If I want something and I am willing to invest in it then I can reach that something in my life.

Now is the time – and now is the only time. I can never start tomorrow because tomorrow is never here – it is always out in the future. I can never get back yesterday because it is gone. The only thing I have is now and it is up to me to make the most of that.

My foundation makes the difference – the fundamental things that I know and that I believe make all the difference. The right foundation holds me up in the storm. The right foundation makes it possible to grow and prosper. The right foundation even helps me find and make my way.

It is all about relationships – everything that I could ever want to do or to be begins with relationships. I am designed for relationships. I am called to be in relationships (first with God and then with others). Love God and then love others and everything else falls into place.

It is not up to me – my way was paved by the One that chose to take my place. He paid the price. He did the work. He cleared the path to my possibility. My only part in this is to choose to step out in His design.

I am still struggling on many days – despite my understanding of the simplicity of it all. I still hope for that magic bean or wish for that fairy godmother. The simple truth is that when I make the choice to live in the promises that I already have then I will live the blessed life that has been offered.

Be blessed,


How do you feel about the promises that you have been given? I would love to hear your thoughts so be sure to take a moment and share in the comments below.

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