Patience to Win

Patience to win seems counterintuitive to need. We need this to do that. We need it now so we will have it later. Need drives many actions.

I sat and listened to the business conference. I made pages of notes. I connected with amazing people and shared ideas about my journey and theirs. I unlocked clarity.

But I still wanted it now. I still needed it now. 

It’s hard to settle into patience and to wait for the win when there’s urgency – either in reality or in my own imagination. But to get there, you have to keep going. To keep going, you have to have to be patient enough to wait on the win.

#QuoteoftheDay - Patience to win

“To get there, you have to keep going.
To keep going, you have to have the patience to win.”
– Kathryn Lang

What is Patience to Win?

Many years ago, I had the opportunity to coach a local swim team. I had several swimmers who had it in them to be top-ranked swimmers. They patiently listened to the tips and coaching we offered. They implemented the ideas in practice and in competitions. 

One of the swimmers wasn’t hitting the goals he wanted. No matter what tips we offered or how hard he tried, it just wasn’t working out. “There’s always next year,” we assured him. 

His parents stepped in to change the rules for our team. It would allow him to win, but not long-term which is what he craved. It would only be a temporary fix that would push him back later on. 

His parents didn’t have the patience to wait for him to be positioned to win more. They wanted the rewards immediately.

Without the Right Patience

Without the patience to win, we rush into battle ill-prepared. 

Without the patience to win, we miss out on the bigger and better win.

Without the patience to win, we can steal the win of others.

Without the patience to win, we end up somewhere other than where we wanted to go because we force the square peg into the round hole. Before long, everything is stuck and nothing else can get done.

We have to find our unique path to the patience we need to win our race.

Find Your patience to win

Finding Your Patience to Win

Develop a safety net

Many experts will tell you to make sure you have six months of expenses set aside to keep you going until you get to where you’re aiming. That’s a great goal, and will definitely help you have the patience you will need to wait on your win. But it’s not always possible. If you can’t have that long-term, know your end line and bottom line. Also, remember your safety net should include time resources and other resources as well. 

PRO TIP: Time is the only resource you will never make more of so guard it wisely.

As long as you don’t convince yourself the only time to win is today, then you’ll be able to find your patience to win.

Define What Really Matters

You’ll try to win at everything if you don’t know what matters to you. Once you define what matters, it’s easier to let the other stuff slide by without a worry or concern. Knowing the have-tos and must-dos puts your focus on the right priorities.

As long as you recognize what matters most, you’ll have the patience to win at what matters.

Block Out the Other Voices

The more noise around you, the harder it is to hear your own voice. Like those parents I dealt with, they will drag you away from what matters most to you and force you into a box of their creating. You hold on to your voice and your important stuff when you find ways to block out others.

As long as you block out the demand of others, you’ll have the patience to win in your own voice and your own way.

Gather a Gaggle of Goodfellows

We are stronger together. You were never meant to do it alone. The more your try on your own, the more tired you get and the more desperate you may get for your win. When you have others that see your good and that support the pursuit of your good, the easier it becomes to live what matters to you.

As long as you have others, you’ll have the patience to win and the strength to keep going until you do.

Patience may be a virtue, but it is also essential to living your BIG DREAM goals and walking out what truly matters.

If you want to live bold, in purpose and on purpose, it takes patience. Are you patient enough to wait on the win you truly want?

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