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Build Relationships – Build Success

Build Relationships to Build Success

Investing the time to build relationships will provide the tools necessary to allow you to build success.

“If you are not making the life of someone else better then you are wasting your time.” The words came from a seminar that I took, but the teacher and the subject have long since been lost. The concept stuck, and I guess that is what is most important.

No matter what my goals might be, I get there faster when I take the time to reach out and help those around me. My dad taught me early on – when I first dipped my toes into the entrepreneurial world – that by making the needs of the person the priority then I would find success. It was not about the sales, but about the experience that the person had when we came in contact – think “Miracle on 34th Street.”

The concept comes easy, when it is a concept or when someone else must deal with the ramifications in the wallet. Staring at slow sales numbers for my books made me want to forget about the people and go right to the sale.

“It is all about relationships.” My husband reminded me during our first book tour. The people that we meet and greet and connect with make the difference. We are not building a short term paycheck. We are working to grow a long term ministry with words.

How do YOU see past the smaller picture to focus on the larger purpose?

Tips for Seeing Bigger to Build Relationships

    – Have someone around that can help you remember what is most important. It is not about bursting your bubble, but about keeping you grounded into the better and best of who you are and where you are going. The best grounders are natural encouragers because they are all about the positive and uplifting even when they are reminding you about the things that are important (not an easy balance to develop).

    – Remember the REAL focus. It is okay to get excited about big sells, a new position, or other accomplishments. But remember the focus of all that you do and it will help you maintain focus.

    – Write it down. Keep a record of what is most important. When other accomplishments pour over you, you will have a visual reminder of the true direction you are headed.

Look beyond where you are at this moment, but continue to move forward until you reach that bigger picture. Each step you take, find a way to reach around you and encourage or support those that are on their own journey. Activity combined with focus and raised by relationships will build a sound platform of success.

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