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A Woman Inspired: Nurturing Creativity

Speaking to a crowd can be scary. I have talked to women’s groups and book clubs in the past but in June my first BIG speech happened. It was under 200 people but it still felt massive. I swallowed my nerves and plowed through the 10 minute inspirational speech.

A few weeks later I was asked to speak at an online conference. As that date too quickly approaches the same nerves are building up in my stomach only with an added since of apprehension. There will be NO audience participation because I will be talking to the computer AND I will be talking for 40 minutes.

The GOOD news is that figuring out what to where will not be a problem. I will probably dress up nice any way just so I FEEL the part, but no one will see me. The second thing is that me talking for ANY length of time is not a problem, particularly when it is a subject where I have passion.

I would like to invite you to join me in becoming inspired. I am just one of many speakers that will be sharing on ways to nurture creativity. Your motivation to join the week long, online conference is the free tickets that I am giving away. Just leave your comment here or link back to this site (and let me know about it) to get your chance to win – the five winners will be announced in just one week so be sure not to wait.

I look forward to seeing you at A Woman Inspired: Nurturing Creativity and hope that it will be the first of many inspirations that you will have in the coming days.

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