Secrets to Being Hopeful

Discover Your Hope Hidden in the Fog

Discover your hope. It’s there even when the dark closes in or the fog surrounds. Hope is hidden only to the heart not seeking to find it. Seek hope and you find the hope you need to light your next step even through the fog or the dark.
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The fog settled around me – think and heavy. The damp drops dripped down my face. I kept walking. I looked up ahead, but the fog blocked my view. I looked behind me, but the fog kept me from seeing. I looked to the side, and still, the fog hung thick.

I looked in front of me, just a few steps ahead, and I could see it was clear. I could see where I needed to step next. The fog did a good job of making it appear like I had lost my vision, but right there it was clear.

And so is my life. The world will cloud the situation with circumstances that seem overwhelming and out of control. The world will fill the landscape with thick and heavy images determined to keep my attention. The world will cloud the past and make things difficult to comprehend.

The world will become the focus – dripping down in damp drops and drowning out my hope.

Until . . . until I choose to see what is right in front of me instead of focusing on what I cannot see.

Hope breaks through the delusion of the fog

I will not see my entire journey when I look around. I will not understand all of my steps when I look behind. I will not discover my own path when I look to the side at the paths of others.

I begin to break through the fog of the world when I take the step and I look to that next step and then take it. One step at a time, with consistent movement, I find that my path is not as foggy as the world made it out to be.

My husband and I have spent the past several months fighting with the fog. Truth be told, I suspect we have been fighting that fog for longer than we have been married and just brought our own struggles into the relationship – but that is a WHOLE DIFFERENT post.

A Seeking Heart Will Discover Your Hope

Recently, we took a trip as a family. Away from everything – unplugged from the demands or requirements of the world – I saw the man that I married. He frolicked in the ocean with his kids. He played and laughed and enjoyed. “It is all about the journey.” My husband stated the words that I have often spouted over the years. And he meant them.

It made me look back at it all. No, it made no sense if you tried to put it into worldly perspective. It barely makes sense when you recognize that God holds us in His hands.

It made me look around at the journey of others that I know. No, it made no sense when compared to others on a similar path, a parallel path, or what seemed to be the same path.

It made me look at my own steps – and that is the moment that it became clear. It is not just about the journey, it is about the step – that one step that I take because I know that it is the one step that I am supposed to take. I may not see where the path ends. I may not see where the path begins. I can see that one step – and when I take it, then the taking of that step lets me see so much more.

Take a step and watch as the fog begins to clear – even if the clearing is only for that next step. The more you seek the more you will discover your hope.

Be blessed,

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See Hope through the Fog

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