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5 “Fake It” Attitudes Give Life to Big Dream Goals

#GrowingHOPE with Kathryn Lang

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Monday – Fake It

My journey is up to me. If I want to live out my success then I need to start acting like I not only want it but that I can have it. The attitude that follows me around during the day will be one of the driving forces behind my journey.

MAP IT OUT - Attitude - Fake It

5 Steps to Fake It into My Big Dream Goals

    The right attitude for this journey into my BIG DREAM goals will take it all.

  • First I need to fake it – I need to dream about the possible so that I can believe the impossible.
  • Next I need to make it – I must take the actions necessary to breathe life into my dreams.
  • Third, I need to hone it – I need to keep tweaking the steps I’m taking by recording and reviewing.
  • Fourth, I need to own it – I need to make it my own so that it becomes my second nature.
  • Finally, I need to start now – because now is the only time I have to work with.

Building up my BIG DREAM goals will require that I take action even in those moments when I don’t feel like taking action or I don’t think I can take action. When I “Fake It” and take action even in those times of doubt then I move a little closer to all that I am uniquely designed to be.

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We are not faking it to be phony but taking a single turn to our unique design

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Map It Out - 8 Tips to Design your Success

#GrowingHOPE with Kathryn Lang

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