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Quote of the Day – Live in Bold Purpose

Quote of the Day – Live in Bold Purpose

Quote of the day for Monday, May 22, 2017

“If you want to live a life of bold purpose then you have to find the courage to dare enough to step out into your possibilities.” – Kathryn Lang

Quote of the Day - Bold Purpose

I can have BIG DREAMS. I can have great plans. I can have the perfect schedule. All of these are valuable tools. The problem with tools arises when I leave them in the tool box.

It will take me stepping out.

If I want to live out my BIG DREAM goals then I have to walk out the steps it will take to get there. Walking into the unknown, or the new, or sometimes the unexpected can be scary. I need to infuse my heart with the courage so that I can step out despite the fear or the concerns.

My BIG DREAM goals are only a step away – but until I am in a position to step they will continue to linger out of my reach.

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