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The Truth About Trusting God to Handle the Problem

Growing HOPE Quote of the Day for October 9, 2017

“You cannot give to God what you do not let go.” –Kathryn Lang

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The bills continued to arrive. My son had been in a car accident the year before and the auto insurance of the “at fault” party had yet to pay. I had all I could take and was on the edge of snapping.

I shared my experience with a friend – about as close as I come to complaining on most days.

“God’s got this.” She told me.

I looked at the stack of bills and rolled my eyes. I didn’t say anything, but I thought awfully hard. “I know God can get this, but so far He hasn’t.”

This morning, I was reminded that it is not only what God CAN do but what I am willing to let go and trust Him to do.

Too often we give our problems to God just long enough to say we’ve given them to Him. We take them back and determine WE can fix them.

If I want God to “get this” then I have to be willing to give it to Him and to let it go.


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