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How to Step into Wisdom for the Proverbs Life with Growing HOPE

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The Proverbs woman shares words that reveal wisdom. She provides positive and uplifting instruction with all she shares.

5 tips for getting wisdom

Living out the life designed for you requires making choices – making purposeful choices that lead to action steps. It doesn’t happen to you. You don’t trip over it. You step into what is provided for you.

God does it. We move into it.

It is that simple.

And yet we seem to put a lot of effort into making it complicated.

I shared recently about how I knew something, but I it hadn’t settled into my knower. What I mean, is that I knew the information but it hadn’t settled into my life in a way that pushed me to live it out.

This is Wisdom, and if we are going to walk out the Proverbs Life then we have to get Wisdom for our lives.

5 Tips for Getting Wisdom

stronger together

  • Block the negatives – because this world is full of negatives. Developing a habit of blocking, deleting, or avoiding the negatives makes it possible to go through the day (yes, even on social media) without being overwhelmed by the negatives the world throws your direction.
  • Feed the positives – you feed and grow positives by investing in the things that good, positive, and encouraging.
  • Seek wise counsel – if you want to have Wisdom in your life then you need to hang around others that foster Wisdom in their lives. You develop the habits of the people you spend the most time with, so choose wise counsel.
  • Know it for yourself – you should learn from others but always back up that learning with your own discovery of facts. If you aren’t sure where to look for the backup information, then ask for sources. If the information you are getting is solid then they will encourage you to look it up.
  • Make wisdom a priority – if you want it to be a priority then make it so. Set aside time every day for learning and studying. Until it is important, you won’t have the time.

Proverbs reveals wisdom
Wisdom provides the guiding hand you need to get you from where you are to where you want to be. It’s the road map for purposeful actions and for choosing the better. It requires consistent investment in learning and a willingness to accept that there is more than you need to know.

Line upon line; precept upon precept; here a little there a little is how you build a foundation of Wisdom for walking out the Proverbs Life.

Be blessed,
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