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Living Now – Five – Enjoy the Journey

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It is not easy for everyone to enjoy the journey – but it is simple. The key to enjoying the journey and to becoming a true journeyer is to make the choice. Yes, it is that simple.

Choose to Enjoy the Journey

    1. I make room for play – board games, card games, road trip games, word games, sports, and random acts of playing. I abandon the restrictions of “adultness” and just play.

    2. I laugh – I laugh with others. I find programs that make me laugh. I laugh at silly puns and jokes that are even more ridiculous. I laugh at laughing.

    3. I refuse to get lost – I find times of straying from the dictated path to be a time of adventure and look for unexpected blessings to show up.

    4. I don’t sweat the small stuff – a spilled glass of milk will not cause the end of the world. A broken vase (even that crystal one given to me by grandmother) will not cause physical harm. I have to make the choice to let it go.

    5. I don’t fret the big stuff – because if I can’t do something to change it then there is no reason to invest my energy into worrying about changing it.

Although the circumstances may not all be rainbows and lollipops, my focus is – THAT is what makes the difference. Enjoying the journey is not about having it all just the way I want it but about finding the joy in everything that is.

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