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Growing HOPE Podcast Shares Tips for Being Rested

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“A calm and tranquil heart is life to the body.” – from Proverbs 14:30

Proverbs shares the power of rest

We all have unique needs for rest and those unique needs can change from day to day and will change from season to season. When you learn to listen to your body and adjust to what it tells you then you will settle into a life more rested than ever before.

5 Keys for Finding Your Rest

    Finding your rest

  1. Learn the benefits of rest. The right amount of rest (for you) will heal the body, energize the heart, and calm the mind. The answer isn’t in the right pills, the right, diet, or the right creams. The answer is in the right rest for you.
  2. Reduce the distractions. The more resources you invest in chasing rabbits and squirrels the fewer resources you have to invest in doing what you know to do.
  3. Discover the keys for peace and joy, because when they are the foundation then rest will soon follow. Find ways to transform your thoughts to a place where the peace and joy focus is the default. When you get to that place with the little things in life then you will have a place of restful trust in God even when the big things show up.
  4. Give stress a beat down. Develop the practice of protecting your heart and your mind so you can knock down the stress that shows up before it finds a way in.
  5. Make time and find a place for your rest. Define a happy place that you can visit to recharge and refocus. Remember to include the purposeful actions to slow down without getting tripped up in idle.

You have to recognize the downward spiral that comes from being tired. A tired body, a tired, mind, or a tired spirit will cause you to stumble and fall (and often will drag down the folks around you as you do). According to Benjamin Franklin, the best of all medicines is rest and fasting.

Find your way to rest because rest does a body good.

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