Hope of Purpose with Sherri Burgess

The world pushes us into a place of dark and grey, but HOPE breaks through to the Light.

There are few things that can excite my heart as much as seeing others excited about purpose – and pursuing that purpose with boldness. But the power of hope in impossible circumstances may trump even that.

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Sherri’s heart mourns for the comfort of her son – but it praises the truth that she will see him again. The book is a powerful read, but watching her in it even now stirs my heart.


She has hope – she has the hope of the eternity that comes with her hope in Christ. She has hope in the healing power of Love. She has hope in the purpose for which she was designed.

Hope is powerful – not only it is doing things in her life and in her family – but the hope that is growing in Sherri is pouring out on all those that are willing to receive.

Hope is there – right now – for each one of us – just waiting to be picked up – just waiting to touch a life and plant a seed of strength. Hope is contagious and easily spread – if we willing to release it out or willing to pick it up.

There are many days when it seems that I am in this alone – when the world crushes down on me or around me – but it is hearing the story of Sherri’s hope and sharing that story that give me the resolve for just one more step.

Sherri mentioned to me (and also in her book) that she asked God why – we were so happy – she told God. She heard in her heart these powerful words – I want you to be holy.

For me – hope is the foundation of holy. When I have hope I continue to invest in the possibility of that hope and that path leads me to a place of holiness in God, through God, and for God.

HOPE – I say that it is an acronym for hearts opened to pursue the extraordinary/- and after seeing Sherri tell her story – or a piece of her story – I believe that. What she experienced the enemy meant for sadness but God has made into an extraordinary story of hope, love, and purpose.

The world desires for all people to live in grey – but especially the Children of God. If the world can convince the heirs that they have no hope then the rest will be easy to take.

I am not designed to be grey or to live in grey. I can build up my hope by investing actively in things that will get me past the sucking of the world and bring me into the bold warmth of the Word.

Breaking Through the Grey to HOPE

    1. I have to read the Word every single day – there is nothing more fundamental in the hope growing than this.

    2. Share with others – on a regular basis if not daily – hope shared is hope growing

    3. Recognize the grey – see the attacks for what they are instead of getting caught up in their snare

    4. Talk it out – be in daily and engaging conversation with God

    5. Keep a journey – regularly record where you are and what you are doing in the journey

In the end, the fastest way to overcome the sucking of the world is a constant focus in and through the Word.

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