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Joy Sharing – One – Spoken Words

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Sharing spoken words of joy never guarantees a crop of joy in all those the words encounter, but it does promise the possibility of joy from the sharing. The words I speak do have the opportunity to grow up and bear fruit – so I need to be aware and choose to speak words of joy.

Joy Sharing with Spoken Words

    1. I need to share stories of blessings – the good, positive, and uplifting things that have manifested in my life. The more I share the blessings the more I see the blessings.

    2. I need to share stories of hope – of the expectations and beliefs that I have that there is a silver lining and there is another rainbow and there is a possibility in the tomorrow. The more that I share hope the more I begin to dwell in hope even in the midst of a storm.

    3. I need to share words of encouragement – words that build up courage and grow up possibility in others (and in self). The more I speak encouragement the more encouragement fuels my journey.

    4. I need to share words of possibility – words that give flight to the imagination and fuel the mind of the dreamer. The more I fuel possibility the more I find possibility alive and well around me.

    5. I need to share words of praise – the acknowledgement that you did good, that you are a blessing, and that you are moving forward in purpose and on purpose. The more I share praise the more I want to praise and need to praise.

Words of joy will grow up fruit of joy – although maybe not the way I expected or where I expected. Every time I invest in joy, I do strengthen the foundation of joy for my own journey and that alone makes it worth the investment.

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